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Vehicle engineering today is as important a task as it was in earlier decades to ensure the transportation of goods by means which are reliable, fast, durable, lightweight, easy to handle and therefore, economical.

Dedicated to this task, we are in our third generation of vehicle manufacturing.

The blacksmith forge was established in 1931 and developed until today to a modern production facility with 9,000 square meters of production hall space, equipped with modern facilities to ensure an economic production process. We offer an extensive range of vehicles in the field of trailers, semi-trailers and bodies of all types as well as the area of towing and recovery technology and isolated vans and trucks. Being a medium-sized enterprise the Wellmeyer company is in high demand, especially in the construction of special vehicles and strengthens its reputation again and again.


In addition to its headquarters in Bad Laer, at the foothills of the Teutoburg Forest, in the “City triangle” of Osnabrueck – Muenster – Bielefeld, there is another operation branch in the City area of Osnabrueck.


Experienced and long-standing employees supported by a team of young colleagues as well as the use of innovative and modern technology, make it possible to meet customers’ special requirements, and find and make, individualized solutions.

Please visit our site for information about our services and to contact our team should you have any questions.


Entwicklung eines Brillenfahrzeugs zum Bergen von PKW aus Parkhäusern

Schnelle Bergung von PKW, insbesondere bei begrenztem Raumangebot, durch wendige und leistungsstarke Fahrzeuge mit hydraulischen Komponenten

Internationale Fachausstellung

Bergen + Abschleppen



06.-08. Mai